B.N.E. (Business Networking Event) brings together a wide range of entrepreneurs and professionals in order to identify new business opportunities and to expand their own network of professional contacts.

It gives us great pleasure to invite you to the 10th edition of B.N.E. on Thursday, April 3rd 2014, at 6.00pm at Grand Hotel Traian, Mihai Eminescu Hall. You can register by accessing http://bne.jciiasi.ro/inscriere/

Why should you attend?

You have the chance to attend the first Workshop on Pitching in Iasi with Anna Heijker – business communications consultant from the Netherlands.

You have the chance to expand your network of business contacts with professionals from a wide range of domains.

You have the chance to be part of a dynamic community of experts, with impact and great potential development in our community.

Special guest – Anna Heijker, Business Communications Specialist, The Netherlands : “An impactful pitch strengthens your brand. We, the client and I, focus on qualities and strengths and how to communicate them to the outside world . My clients say that by working with me they get more clarity on their business strategy, they have increased confidence  when they present their business and get new business leads. ” Anna Heijker has specialized in business communication having international experience in working with entrepreneurs and professionals on business presentations, meetings, public speeches , web profiles. So far Anna has worked with specialists from companies like Twitter, MindIt, Upside Down, We Plant Good Deeds, IFN Access Financial Services.

Anna has held top pitching trainings in Romania (Romanian – Dutch Chamber of Commerce, The Hub Bucharest, Incubator 107, Biz Days) and will hold the first training on the subject of pitching at JCI Business Networking Event. You can also talk to Anna Heijker about Dutch culture, international volunteering, travelling or business mentorship . More details: www.annaheijker.com

The Benefits of the Pitching Workshop

You’ll know how to attract partners and customers easily, fast and efficiently

You’ll know how to create a first impression with impact

You’ll know how and what to communicate about yourself or your business in 60 seconds

You’ll know how to develop sustainable business relationships

You can apply the information immediately in your own business context

The Benefits of Speed and Open Networking

You’ll meet new potential clients, partners, suppliers, partners

You’ll find new ideas, resources and valuable information

You have the opportunity to present yourself as a specialist or to promote your business in a professional community.

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