From the betrayal of the intellectuals to the professionalization of the local elites


From the betrayal of the intellectuals to the professionalization of the local elites

At first glance, probably a slogan “Intellectuals from all institutions, descended into agora” might seem like another non-Marxist cliché meant to further ideologize today’s society. I emphasize, it might seem. But it is not!

It is not for the simple fact that the world in which we live and the last acquisitions of some fields such as neurosciences, psychotherapies of different orientations, behavioral economics or management put in a totally different perspective an always current debate: if “the betrayal of intellectuals” should be reprinted in the form of the professionalization of the local elites and their involvement in the life of the fortress.

So, this weekend I will launch the following challenge: 1) to review Julien Benda’s arguments regarding the task of the intellectuals 2) to identify the university camp of Iasi and its actors and then 3) to see if a professionalization of the local elites would be required ( political, academic, professional, business) and the creation of an ecosystem where their combined efforts bring real benefits to this city.

And because there will be “mioritic which” will decree that it is not yet possible to move from the conflictual paradigm to the collaborative one of the different elites, we will offer an objective answer: on September 22, 2015 the Local Council of Cluj Municipality- Napoca approved the Development Strategy 2014-2020 through HCL 315/2015, underlining the fact that “the development of the city is not only a problem of the local authorities but it is about the will and capacity of the community to define strategic objectives and to translate them into operational programs. A sophisticated city needs the involvement of creativity and energy resources in the community, and the local administration has the role of facilitator and integrator of the existing strategic perspectives. The 2014-2020 development strategy was built on the basis of the extensive use of the existing expertise in the Cluj community. The success of the implementation is directly dependent on the existence of a permanent partnership between the local administration and the community. This is not the strategy of the City Hall and the Cluj-Napoca Local Council but the strategy of the whole community ”.

The last sentence I consider to be defining for drawing an affirmative answer: yes, it is possible to coagulate all the resources of this city only if we assume that we are directly responsible for the quality of life in Iasi and that, one day, we can put to work all the local expertise we have as others have.

The question that lingers in our mind remains: will we dare to descend into the agora leaving aside any trace of personal pride or what? History will be the only one that will record if the elites of Iasi have once demonstrated that they have a historical and creative vocation.

Daniel Dragos Panainte defines himself as Human Troubleshooter & Free Spirit. Having a degree in sociology & politology and a training in systemic psychotherapy, constant interests in the area of ​​organizational psychology, neuroscience & behavioral economics, as well as over 15 years of experience in Management consulting, HR & People management, Due Diligence, Legal risk management, Daniel Dragos is simultaneously creator of communities, entrepreneur, business adviser and meaning seeker for people and organizations (diagnosis and intervention – systemic psychotherapy).

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