What happened in 2020

Russia take precautions for coronavirus

What happened in 2020

End of the decade. The crisis generated by the COVID-19 pandemic not only marks the year 2020, but also leaves its mark on an entire decade that is ending, but also on the first years of the coming period. It will be difficult to identify another event with an equally strong signature in the lives of people and companies ♦ For 51 out of 85 sectors of the Romanian economy, business dynamics were negative in the first half of the year, but managers also talk about opportunities, about accelerating processes, about more unity in business ♦ What are we left with at the end of 2020? ZF identified 15 events and people that marked the end of the business year.

More here: https://www.zf.ro/auto/ce-s-a-intamplat-in-2020-un-an-kafkian-marcat-de-o-criza-fara-19815383

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